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Welcome to the online survey of the IAB Job Survey 2023-2024 on behalf of the Federal Employment Agency/IAB.

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The short survey of Q2/2024 is now available to those invited.


The IAB Job Survey has been carried out annually since 1989. It is aimed at a representative selection of companies and administrative offices in West and East Germany. The farms are selected at random every year in order to keep the burden on the individual farms low.


Participation is voluntary, but we hope for your support! Your answers are very important to us, because only if we receive enough information from companies on personnel policy and staffing can we draw well-founded scientific conclusions about the current and future dynamics on the labour market. Please support us in this.

Important information

Please answer the questionnaire for the company/administration addressed in the cover letter. By this we mean the local production, trade, service or administrative site, and NOT the entire company, the entire group or the higher-level administrative office. The holding is the same local unit as when registering for social security (social security company number).

Please fill out the questionnaire even if your company/administrative office does not have its own personnel administration. It depends on the personnel situation on site. If this is not possible for formal reasons, please forward the questionnaire to the responsible body. Or let us know. We are happy to take care of this for you.

As a temporary employment agency, please indicate the persons employed by you as your employees or employees subject to social security contributions (and NOT as temporary workers – this only applies to companies in which these persons are employed).


The survey results are highly relevant both for practice-oriented policy advice and for scientific research, because the IAB job survey is unique in Germany. The resulting studies have a major influence on the decisions in the labour market policy of the federal government, the federal states and in Europe. At regular intervals, the IAB publishes press releases, short reports and articles in order to make the results available to a broad public. A selection can be found through this link.


The Executing Institute

Economics & Data is an independent institute for economic and social policy consulting. It has been conducting this survey for many years on behalf of the Institute for Employment Research (IAB). Dr. Ben Kriechel is managing director. Further information about the Institute’s activities can be found on the website.

Further questions

Survey hotline: 0651-9480072
Email: personalbedarf@economicsdata.de


Responsible according to §6 MDStV:

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